Monday, 31 January 2011

Jan 2001 Video - Post Mortem

With each new video, we can always expect a bashing from fans who love to criticize.
We are not professionals. We are amatures learning to create something to a certain standard of Cool with the limited time we have in a week and with our own system specifications. Improving when and where we can along with having a life away from the computer and always remember this is a fangame, not an official videogame company release. Some of us do not have high end systems.

Visual Video Issues:
Sonic runs like Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk!
This is a problem with ADR's acceleration/deceleration code which lacks proper walking, jogging and running times and is still being worked on. The aim is to recreate the classic Sonic gameplay movement.

The video and all screenshots are taken on the following system spec:

AMD Phenom Quad core 3.6GHZ
ATI Radeon XT1800 512MB (5 year old graphics card)

Graphics in all screenshots and the newly released video is low. There is no Options menu for changing graphics in the Unreal Development Kit. Until we get around to creating the menu the quality will look some what poor, and again I am using a dated graphics card.

The animations in UT2004 version of ADR was very wooden and did not blend correctly.
Animations now in the UDK version are almost identicle to those in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors.
The wooden animations are gone but some blending  issues still remain that needs to be fine tuned.

Poor Frame rate:
The team has said the frame rate is very good, with the exception of entering areas where the level loads the next section of the map which causes the game to slow down. None of these areas was featured in the video.
Another reason is that the video was captured using an ATI X1800 XT 512mb graphics card which is now over 5 years old running the game and video capture software at the same time. Frame rate on this card ingame is good averaging at about 28fps.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

ADR - Jan 2011 Progress Video Released

After a very long wait, the latest Progress video showing Ashura Dark Reign on Unreal Engine 3 since moving over to the Unreal Development Kit from Unreal Tournament 2004 has been released.

Somethings that we have created have not been included in the video due to bugs, incomplete level locations and other issues forcing them to be pulled back from being shown.

Until the next time...Enjoy